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*Amurath Samurai x *Kornelia
 June 25, 1995

grey mare

Purebred Shagya-Arabian


Foals from Samantha include:
Sophie AF - (sold to Joan Clark)
KB Royal Samurai AF - (sold to Elouie Wakefield)
KB Sierra Fahim - (deceased)
KB Sharif Fahim - (sold to Ailsa Riegel)
KB Samson Fahim - (sold to Deborah Anderson)
KB Saracina Fahim - (sold to Janis Nicholson)
KB Safira Fahim - (sold to Nina Murch)

KB Sahar Fahim - (sold to Hillary Spry)

KB Sandor Fahim- (sold to Ailsa Riegel)

Samantha is one of the most beautiful of Shagya-Arabian mares and passes her qualities to her foals.  She will be bred to

KB Omega Fahim++++//.  The 2018 foal will be black, bay or grey and registered with North American Shagya-Arabian

Society as Purebred Shagya-Arabian and with the Arabian Horse Association as Half Arabian. As a result of this cross,

the foal  is eligible to participate in the North American Shagya-Arabian Society and the Arabian Horse Association events

and awards programs.