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KB Tamir Fahim
KB Omega Fahim++++// x *Thassia

June 19, 2022
black stallion


For Sale

$10K stallion / $5K gelding

KB Tamir Fahim

Please take a look at Tamir's full sister,KB Takara Fahim,

and full brothers, KB Tomega Fahim+++/ and KB Thor Fahim.  You can see what you could expect from Tamir.

In the wee hours of Father's Day, June 19, 2022, “Meg” stood by and watched as *Thassia gave birth to his son, KB Tamir Fahim.  Tamir will probably be the last of this cross since *Thassia will be joining Samantha in retirement.  Could not be more pleased with the conformational correctness of Tamir.  He always poses in pride for anyone who might be watching.  With his heritage of highly successful sport horses, he will make a fine successful Shagya or half-Arabian stallion, being registered in both breeds, for someone in the future.  Inquire if you think you might be interested in joining the generations of award winning sport horses.

SOLD!!  Congratulations to Aubrey Hoffman!