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Amir Fahim+

I logged nearly 2000 miles of
competitive endurance with
many best condition awards
and wins with Amir Fahim+.

He was trained in the basics of
dressage though most of our
rides were skimming the redwood
trails and surfing the northcoast
beaches. There wasn’t much we
didn’t try and we were game for
anything that came along. He
was a dear, dependable companion
for thousands of miles.

Amir Fahim+ was an all around performance stallion that excelled in endurance. To his credit, however, he had shown and won in halter, western pleasure and equitation, english pleasure and equitation, trail horse, stock horse, western riding, hunter hack and hunter over fences. In endurance, he had won 50 mile, 2-day 100 mile and 5-day 250 mile rides. He had many best condition and high veterinarian score awards. This talent and versatility was passed on to his get.

Malabar King/Prince Ebony X Bimilah
1977 - 1995